Reviews about Erogan

  • Brian
    I took the Erogan capsule as instructed and soon got to work. After a one-time adoption, the girl was pleased, and so was I. This time it really took much longer.
  • Niall
    I am a completely healthy man, I do not complain about anything. But I really like the effect of these capsules. And the girls are thrilled with me. Up to five times a night. Orgasm after taking is just something. You can’t describe it exactly in words, you just have to experience it!
  • Liam
    It is unlikely that there is a better known drug than Erogan in the potency stimulator segment. It’s not the first year on the market, but it hasn’t gotten any worse during this time. If you strictly follow the enclosed instructions, then great sex is guaranteed.
  • Sean
    Hello. So what can I tell you, I felt delight and incredible sensations. The lady is crazy about me. I surprised her with my activity, I apologize for the unnecessary details, but now I have enough for almost the whole night.
  • James
    It started taking about 3 months ago. I did not find any side effects. The effect is immediate, literally half an hour after taking it. After completing the course of treatment, I forgot what lethargy is.
Reviews about Erogan, positive and negative reviews